Sign up for Spartan Races

Since I tried the ninja warrior course earlier in this challenge, I’ve signed up for one obstacle course that I’ll be doing in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been thinking about some others for a while now. My training for this upcoming course is lacking, to say the least. I’m going to get through it, but it won’t be pretty. But I want to do one that I’ll be able to do properly. I want to do one of these races all out, with an honest effort and with the best my body can do with legitimate training. That’s … Continue reading Sign up for Spartan Races

SP for a National Exam

I’ve been very lucky in the last few weeks to get a decent amount of gigs doing standardized patient work. It’s pretty easy work (in that they give you literally everything you need to do the job) and it pays decently well. Today was a whole different bag, though. I can’t talk about any kind of specific other than to say it was for a major exam, and stakes are huge. I felt extremely tense that I was to be involved and would somehow just fuck the whole thing up, meaning I’d never get hired again. The day started at … Continue reading SP for a National Exam