Research Amateur Comedy Night

For all of my bullshit of performance (comedic or otherwise), I’ve never done a proper amateur night at any of the major comedy clubs around town. Open mic in bars? Sure. Those are some great places to cut your teeth in any situation, since a bunch of angry drunks are the most honest crowds you’ll find. But I’ve never once sat myself in a proper club where people pay to laugh and tried to make people do just that.

The prospect of succeeding is equally as horrifying as failing, and the idea of either one is crippling enough that I’ve never even tried. It’s all I want to do in the world, but I don’t know how to take that first step.

Tonight, though, I looked up amateur night at the local Yuk Yuk’s to see what the deal is. Every Thursday you can submit your name for the subsequent amateur night, and hopefully get your name added to the list. I obviously missed this week, but that gives┬áme at least two weeks to really shore up an act for my first ever brick wall.

I’m already shitting myself.


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